Actually, this should be titled “About Dixiebelle31.”  She’s the star of the show.  I’m just the husband that stands in awe of my brilliant wife.   :^)

I’m Alan- my online handle is Crewman6.  She’s Monique.  We’ve both been with eBay since 1999.  My style’s always been to list on eBay for fun.  Aside from actually making money now and then, I’ve been known to list oddball items just for fun.  One of my favorites was my 3-d lenticular popcorn bucket from the premiere evening of Batman Begins.  It not only sold, it actually paid for my movie ticket!

Monique, on the other hand, knows how to eBay and make money consistently.  She taught me one of the first principles of ebaying for a profit: ‘Is it worth the time?’  To be worth ebaying, an item needs to sell well enough to pay for your time as well as your financial investment.

We both enjoy our computers.  It’s one of the things that drew us together.  She’s very focused on eBay.  Her Mom loves to hunt yard sales, thrift stores, and bargains in general, so she’s our ‘picker’.  Most Saturdays, Mom goes out and finds more things for Monique to sell.  I’ve got the gift of gab, so I write.  You’ll see the writings, reviews, and websites of ‘Crewman6’ all over the internet with a quick Google search.  Since I love to write, and I love Monique, chronicling our eBay adventures sounded like a great way to share what we do, what we’ve learned, and maybe meet some other eBayers like us.

So feel free to read, check out her listings, make comments and suggestions… in general, join us and have some fun!