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eBay asking help to block new online tax proposals

I recently received an email from eBay Inc Government Relations. It was a short, simple letter, but chilling in it’s implications. eBay is actually asking for our help, because of legislation under consideration in Congress that would impose added taxes and the collection of additional taxes on internet sales. Under current law (in my state, […]

eBay offers Multi Variation Merger Tool, and a Youtube Training Video

(To cut to the meat, if you just want to watch the eBay Youtube video on how to use the new tool, scroll down to the video below.) Recently eBay announced the Item Condition Notes Field, which gives sellers a consistent position near the top of the listing for condition descriptions.  In the same announcement, […]

eBay Xiu (Style) expands Top Rated Sellers Listings to Buyers in China

Now eBay makes items available to shoppers in China…  select sellers, and select items.  To be specific, this only applies to Top Rated Sellers, and the items must meet specific qualifications.  They have to be: 1) New 2) Located in the US 3) Have a Buy It Now Price 4) Be 30-day listings in: Clothing, […]

eBay Changes: Ending Listings Early, Restriction on Emails, and Mandatory Pictures

This month eBay has had a number of updates.  To begin with, as of October 1st, sellers will be charged a fee to end auction-style listings early (if the listing has one or more bids).  The final value fee will be calculated as if the highest current bid would have been the closing value.  This […]