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eBay Free Seller Protection Workshop January 9 2013

Edit:  The December 13 Workshop is full, but they’re offering a January 9 2013 Workshop at 10:00 am.  Click here to sign up. This is pretty short notice, but I only just found out about it.  That’s what happens when you get busy…  On 13 December 2012 (day after tomorrow), eBay is hosting a free […]

eBay offers Multi Variation Merger Tool, and a Youtube Training Video

(To cut to the meat, if you just want to watch the eBay Youtube video on how to use the new tool, scroll down to the video below.) Recently eBay announced the Item Condition Notes Field, which gives sellers a consistent position near the top of the listing for condition descriptions.  In the same announcement, […]

eBay offers new Item Condition Field visible at top of listing pages

eBay has added a new enhancement to make things easier for sellers.  Now we can feature the condition of our items near the top of the listing by using the item condition notes field. This, after all these years of hammering on about condition,condition, condition.  Honestly it’s about time.  Where real estate is all about […]

eBay Xiu (Style) expands Top Rated Sellers Listings to Buyers in China

Now eBay makes items available to shoppers in China…  select sellers, and select items.  To be specific, this only applies to Top Rated Sellers, and the items must meet specific qualifications.  They have to be: 1) New 2) Located in the US 3) Have a Buy It Now Price 4) Be 30-day listings in: Clothing, […]

eBay Streamlined Checkout for Faster, Easier Transactions

eBay updated the checkout procedure this month.  Streamlined to be faster and easier, buyers can now checkout in as little as 2 clicks.  To do so, you’ll have to link your eBay account and your Paypal accounts together.  It’s easily done, and secure.  Look for it on your next eBay purchase, and follow the prompts. […]

eBay and Hurricane Sandy: Further Steps Being Taken to Protect Affected Sellers

As much as I tend to be skeptical of any move “big business” makes, I have to give eBay credit for their reaction to Hurricane Sandy.  In the wake of the storm, eBay is taking a pro-active role to support our community of buyers and sellers. Yesterday I mentioned the steps eBay is already taking […]

eBay Acknowledges Hurricane Sandy; Offers Advice and Assistance for Buyers and Sellers

Sandy has done some terrible damage.  I’ve seen it referred to on reports as “once in a lifetime.”  In all honesty, it caught me by surprise.  We live along the southeast coast, and storms are part and parcel of life.  Most of them dissipate before they get near enough to do serious damage.  Some don’t.  […]

eBay to Launch Fedex Shipping Program, Also Guidelines for Nintendo and Apple Products

Big news for shipping options:  eBay is launching a pilot program to include FedEx as a built-in choice.  Currently in pilot stage, only a few sellers have access.  Right from My eBay, FedEx will be available through the single label shipping selections. While the program is currently just in testing stages, it’s slated for full […]

eBay Changes: Ending Listings Early, Restriction on Emails, and Mandatory Pictures

This month eBay has had a number of updates.  To begin with, as of October 1st, sellers will be charged a fee to end auction-style listings early (if the listing has one or more bids).  The final value fee will be calculated as if the highest current bid would have been the closing value.  This […]

Who Owns Re-sell Rights: The Buyer, or the Original Manufacturer? Supreme Court Ruling This Month

As usual, our government is working hard to make us work harder.  On October 2nd, eBay requested all interested parties to join up with eBay Main Street.  eBay Main Street is a group of concerned eBayers working to protect our rights as ecommerce sellers. In particular, a college student is being harassed by a book […]

eBay Announcement: Share up to 5 Images with My Messages

Earlier this week eBay began offering the ability to share up to 5 images per listing to buyers using ‘My Messages’.  According to eBay these 5 images do NOT count as the usual 12 free photos allowed with most listings. They made it pretty easy to insert pictures into your “My Messages” responses.  When writing […]