My Pyramidas Listing

I don’t list on eBay a lot right now.  Working on getting better, but life has a way of taking different paths.  This weekend I posted another toy (big surprise), a Power Rangers Zeo Deluxe Pyramidas. So I’m a kid at heart – if I have to work, I’d rather it be on something fun.  Power Rangers may not be exactly in my wheelhouse, but they’re not that far off the mark.  The new movie looks to be a lot of fun, and maybe even worth a rare trip to the theater.  The timing makes this a good point to list anything Power Rangers related.  This particular Megazord is a popular one, sells well and for a nice amount… if it’s complete.  It still sells decently if it’s incomplete, but how much depends on what’s missing.

In this case, it’s missing the tip-top piece of the pyramid, two rotating sides, and the platform brace when in carrier mode. That’s enough to really ding the value, and made setting a price more difficult.  In the end, I found one that was in similar condition, and sold for $49.  I set this one at $39.  It’s a fair profit, but still ten dollars less than the other.  Enough, hopefully, to generate some bidding.  We’ll see.  If you’re a collector, maybe you could let me know if that’s too low or too high.

It also helped that Monique asked me to start with that one if I was going to be listing over the weekend.  It’s a toy, and I tend to put a lot into my listings, and it’s good timing with the moving coming out, or at least that was her thinking.  What she didn’t expect was me to have so much fun researching that I’d get lost in the multiple open windows and websites, and spend three hours doing the listing.  Hard work, yes, but it’s my weekend, and if I want to waste some hours, have a little fun, and possibly make a bit of income, then more power to me.  :^D

Honestly, I’m a bit compulsive.  Things take too long because I spend ages deciding exactly what to say, how to say it, what’s important, and how to present it.  Not the best business approach, but I get to be a big kid while earning money like an adult.  Sounds like a win-win to me.