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I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m back now, with this “Legendary” post. Skyrim has been a favorite game for the last couple of years. If you’re curious, I have two favorites. Elite: Dangerous is the other. Anyway, a good friend asked me to install Skyrim on his computer, mod it up a bit, and teach him to play. We had a lot of fun with the ‘teaching to play Skyrim’ part. When his vacation ended, he took his computer home and started playing. Tonight, he called me up to share an adventure. Not the normal quest, but something unexpected.
Wandering around in a small hold off the beaten path, he accidentally attacked a guard. Up until then they’d been friendly, but suddenly every guard in the city was determined to take him down. Being a nice guy, he decided to run for it and hope they’d quit being mad. Most guards gave up the chase, but one lady guard just wouldn’t give up. She followed him across fields, woods, and mountains, constantly telling him to “Halt!” in her strong Nord accent. You know the accent, kind of a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Betty White when she played in The Golden Girls.
Eventually he saw a bear attacking some travellers, and ran straight through the fight, hoping it would distract her. He heard screaming behind him, looked back to see a dragon land, “chomp up the guard” (his words, not mine) then fly away.

As you can imagine, that was pretty shocking, but there was more to come. As he watched, the dragon flew to the top of a nearby hill, and a group of warriors there started fighting. Caught up in the moment, he ran to help the strangers kill the dragon, but it died just as he arrived. So far in the game, he’s only killed one dragon, the Western Tower dragon. Didn’t know what to expect, and was totally floored when he absorbed the dragon’s soul. All the npc’s were going “I can’t believe it! You must be the Dragonborn!” It was a grand moment, and he had to call me to tell the story.
I’ve had some one-of-a-kind adventures myself, but never anything like this. It was a very cool adventure, and one of the reasons we both love Elder Scrolls so much.

So why am I selling a brand new unopened PC Legendary Edition of Skyrim? Because I originally ordered it for my friend, but it didn’t arrive in time. So I bought another one for him, and much later, when this one arrived, listed it on eBay. All’s well that ends well, and everybody wins. Check out my listing if it’s still active (Sorry, it sold!)… I’m kind of proud of the write-up. In case my auction has ended when you read this, there’s a link below with current Skyrim listings.
In the meantime, check out the Bethesday Youtube video – it’s a pretty cool trailer, and does a good job capturing the thrill of the game.