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Cue lightning and thunder:  Here comes the Peanuts kids as classic Halloween monsters!

  • Charlie Brown as The Vampire
  • Sally Brown as the Bride of the Monster
  • Snoopy as The Mummy (with Woodstock as intrepid explorer)
  • Linus Van Pelt as The Monster

PVC figures of our favorite kids dressed as our favorite monsters… how can you go wrong?  Charlie Brown is an amazing kid.  Born in 1947, (before my time) and now that I’m (cough) over 50, he’s only aged a couple of years.  This based on the Wiki reference that Charlie Brown himself claims “4 years old” in 1950, 6 years in 1957, and 8 and 1/2 by 1979.

He may be the ultimate loser, but darn, he sure has aged well.  By extension, his entire little group of friends and family have managed to avoid growing up.  I’d consider that to be something of a win.

So I was thinking; you remember the old movie “Groundhog Day”?  Bill Murray was doomed to repeat one day over and over until he finally achieved success.  Maybe Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang can’t grow up until Charlie reaches his own success.

I know the analogy breaks down pretty quickly, both in detail and in overall spirit.  For instance, for Charlie to continue his journey of personal growth, Charles Schultz would have to continue writing him.  Once his creator passed away, Charlie’s situation becomes one of stasis.  Nobody could take on Schultz’s role.  Even if they did a good job, it would be the height of hubris to attempt.

In the meantime, I have a soft spot for the round-headed kid.  Apparently, a lot of us do.  TV Guide rated Charlie and Snoopy as the 8th greatest cartoon characters of  all time.  In an odd way, he’s something of an inspiration.  No matter how bad it gets, even when he fully expects the worst, he never quits.

And now, Charlie and the gang are back in their very on Halloween themed set.  Monique’s selling them individually, which is kind of a shame.  I’d like to keep them all together.  It just seems nicer.  And, after all this time, Charlie Brown deserves a break or two.