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I know, another Disney print.  Today we’ve got vintage Snow White art.  The same lovely pastel colors and traditional Disney art.  No artist credit, of course.  I think that’s against the Disney rules.  I do know it was printed in Australia by Coulourtone Pty. Ltd, somewhere in the 1940’s.

The colors are ethereal.  Snow White is lovely.  Even Grumpy is sporting a bit of a smile here.  The rest of the dwarves are obviously smitten.  As I look at the image, one thing that really strikes me is how young she is.  I was a child the first time seeing Snow White, and struck me as a nice lady.  Nearly fifty years later, I see a very young girl, barely more than a child.  Really makes me aware how many years have gone by.  (For me, anyway!)

Curiosity can be a bad thing.  I looked it up, in the movie she’s 14 years old.  In the original fairy tale, Snow White is 7 years old, but stays in the glass coffin for years, until the Prince finds her as a young woman.  (In the movie, Snow is only in the coffin for a year… a “full cycle of seasons.”)    I grew up in the south, but that’s still too young in my book.

It helps put the dwarves fierce protectiveness into perspective though.  While she acts motherly to them, they practically worship the ground she walks on. Reminds me of quite a few fathers I’ve known in my time.  They might be wrapped around her fingers, but act like a nest of angry hornets when you stir them up.

The prince’s age is unknown, though he’s obviously very young.  Of note to fans of Quantum Leap… I know Scott Bakula was the main star, but remember Al, played by the awesome Dean Stockwell?  His dad, Harry Stockwell, was Prince Charming’s voice!

Anyway, questions of age aside, Snow White is a romance and an adventure for the ages, and I love this image of her.