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I’ve featured Cecil Aldin before.  A few months ago, Monique got hold of a collection of original antique prints from a book printed in 1910.  I’m quite taken with his skill and empathy with dogs.  Cecil really captured their personality and character.  If you Google him, you’ll find pictures of his own pet dogs, which were obviously the inspiration for many of his drawings.

This one, taken from the book “A Dog Day or The Angel in the House”, shows a happy terrier rolling in a mud wallow.  On his back, legs in the air, and a little terrier smile.  Obviously in dog heaven.

No thoughts of “should” or “shouldn’t”.  No guilt.  Nobody chasing him hollering ‘Bad Dog!’  He’s in the zone.  No worries, no cares, just that one brief shining moment (apologies to Camelot fans) where all is right with the world.

I think every dog I’ve ever known has done this.  If not in out and out mud, then dirt, or even better, green grass with the bright summer sun shining down.  The pure abandon and joy is irresistible.  Even if they snuck out right after a bath and got all muddy, I can’t help but smile.  Our own three have that same attitude.  No thought for the future, not worried about being in trouble.  Just a happy puppy… even if they’re a bit older, they all still have some puppy-hood about them.

We all need a reminder now and then.  Be happy just for the sake of being happy.  Enjoy the simple things.  Smile!