Click to see Monique's current vintage art prints

Click to see Monique’s current vintage art prints

I noticed Monique found a ‘new’ artist recently; Raoul Dufy. Not sure when she discovered his work, but I like the colors and the lively feel of his paintings. So she’s only listed the one original art print, Orchestra Le Orchestre. So far, anyway. It was enough to catch my eye for a blog post. The lines seem very casual, and the coloring relaxed. It makes the image look ‘happy’. Since I enjoy playing piano, the grand piano at the bottom right corner especially calls out to me. I’ve heard of ‘playing the blues’ on a piano. Never seen an actual ‘blue’ piano before, though. It’s a very appealing color.

Upon researching Raoul Dufy, it turns out he was known for his quick and cheerful watercolor paintings. He started young – too classes in art at the age of 18. Went to Le Havre’s Ecole d’Art, studied under Charles Lhuillier.

After working with several different styles, by 1920 (25 years after beginning his studies) he came up with his own style, stenographic. Pretty cool to invent your own style, and have it take on so well it gets it’s own name. :^)

Part of the stenographic style involved a rapid application of thin washes of color. This is what I especially like about his paintings. It’s what caught my eye- gives his art a very pleasant feeling. I know people tend to respect ‘serious’ work more so than happy art. But personally, I’d rather display art that makes me feel good.

Hopefully she’ll be listing more of Raoul’s work. For now, this is the only one.