This one sold, but click pic to see Dixiebelle's current Antique Disney Prints

This one sold, but click pic to see Dixiebelle’s current Antique Disney Prints

It’s not always about the antique art prints.  Perfect case in point are the color prints we have from Disney.  Printed in the 1940’s, the image has that classic Disney feel to things.  Mickey conducting (he seems to be fond of that role), Donald in the foreground playing … a fife?  Goofy is going all out as the one-man-band.  He’s got a trumpet, a pipe or whistle, cymbals, and a drum.  Goofy always was an overachiever.  :^)

I don’t recognize the pig playing the tuba.  One of the three pigs, maybe.  And that’s got to be Clara Bell the cow, sitting on the back row.  Don’t recognize the older fellow next to her, but he’s giving off ‘billy goat’ vibes, sort of.

Don’t you just love the soft hues?  The title is “The Band Concert”, and it was printed in Australia (Yay to my buddy Nigel!) by Colourtone Pty. Ltd.  There isn’t any specific artist credit.  The book just credits “Walt Disney Studios.”  Over the years, I’ve heard many things about Disney.  Both Walt, and the company he left behind.  Much of it unflattering, especially regarding the modern company.  “Don’t mess with the Mouse.”   That seems especially true currently as we see Disney swallowing up Marvel Comics and the Star Wars franchise.

On the other hand, it’s hard to argue with how beloved the characters are.  Whatever you can say about Disney, they understand how to do lovable characters.  Talk about iconic.  Friendly, humble Mickey Mouse.  Hot-tempered Donald Duck.  Goofy… he’s just Goofy.  One of those characters who stumbles through life and always lands on his feet.  Wish I was as cheerful and carefree as he is.

The others aren’t so well-known, but Disney always makes me like them.  And yes, I even like Donald.  In some ways, he’s the surly curmudgeon I want to be when I grow up.  I’m making good progress.

Do you remember when cartoons were hand drawn and painted?  Those were the days, and this Disney art print brings those days back in warm, exquisite style.