JackHornerMonique’s been doing really well with the antique art prints, immersing herself in the field, learning a lot. She’s especially gotten very good at finding new prints to list. When we sold vintage Christmas ornaments she was always searching, sourcing, buying collections. It always amazed me that in a market with limited resources, she could continue to find more stock. I mean, it’s not like Hallmark was pumping out more vintage ornaments at the factory. You’d think at some point there just wouldn’t be any more. But Monique always seemed to find another collection to buy.

She’s doing the same with the art prints. For a category that, by definition, isn’t being made any more she keeps finding more and more. I enjoy seeing what ‘new’ old prints she finds. You can never predict what it’s going to be. One day it’s King Arthur, the next it’s Peter Pan. Then it’s some wicked old fox named “Reynard Fox”. Then it’s Mickey Mouse. Next thing I know she’s got “Froggy Goes Courtin”, and it’s a lot scarier than you’d expect. In the older stories, things were grim. I guess the tales were as often meant to be object lessons as wish fulfillment.

Most of her prints fit well in an 8 x 10 matte. Some turn out to be smaller. Considering the age and rarity of even the smaller images, it seems a shame to waste them. But there’s not much demand for the smaller prints. In a dazzling moment of creativity, Monique decided to pair the image with it’s associated text and do a double matte.

Jack Horner, the image at the top, received the double-windowed treatment. It’s the perfect combination – The nursery rhyme on one side, and the painting on the other. In similar fashion she’s done Handy Spandy Jack-a-Dandy, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Humpty Dumpty.

HumptyDumptyI especially like the Humpty Dumpty art print. I’ve always seen Humpty portrayed as an egg, but this painting is different. Here he’s shown as a young boy, holding a birds nest with three eggs. Also, the last line isn’t the one I know. Instead of “Couldn’t put Humpty together again”, it says “Could not set Humpty Dumpty up again.” I guess it makes more sense that way if he’s a little boy.  If you click on either picture, it will take you to the eBay listing (assuming it’s still there…)

Monique told me yesterday about a whole new approach she’s considering. The samples she showed looked very interesting. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. :^)