Click to see Monique's other Arthur Rackham Prints

Click to see Monique’s other Arthur Rackham Prints

Arthur Rackham is considered one of the leading illustrators of the golden age of British book illustration (See Wiki).  Known for his fairies, Arthur’s illustrations have an ethereal, otherworldly feel.  I love the soft layered tints his paintings have.  It works amazingly well with his magical creatures and fantasy settings. Even against modern sensibilities, his work still appeals in timeless fashion.  Fairies will never go out of style, because at heart, people want to believe in beauty and mystery.

Do you believe there are Fairies at the bottom of the garden?  A lot of people did, and likely still do.  Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths finally admitted their photos were a hoax in the early 1980’s, but for over 60 years people believed their pictures were real.  Even after admitting the truth, Frances continued to insist the last photo was real.  It seems likely many people still believe.

I’m inclined to believe her.  Not because she’s necessarily right, and certainly not because she can carry a good prank…  but because I want to believe our world has wonders.  Should I ever see them for myself, Rackham’s vision comes closest to what I expect.  I love his little leaf-sized fairies dancing in the wind, full of the joy of life.  Their clothing and hair is such a perfect blend with nature, it’s no surprise most people never see them.  :^)

It’s certainly no wonder Arthur Rackham is so well respected for his fantasy art.  Even his technique was unique.  He invented his own process of lightly lining, then blocking out the shapes, and after some cleanup, layering paints to achieve a translucent effect.  Perfect for the subject material.  Monique has a few of these prints in our eBay store.  To see our current selection, be sure and click on the picture above.