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Along the recent line of art prints Monique has been listing, she recently obtained a number of vintage prints from the book King Arthur and his Knights.  This book was printed around 1903, and the art is by Howard Pyle.  I think I’d have enjoyed reading the book, having read Steinbeck’s take on the Arthurian tales, and T.H. White also.  The illustrations have a wonderful appeal.

The artist, Howard Pyle, primarily illustrated stories for children and young adults.  Starting in 1894, he taught illustration at the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry.  Eventually he founded the Howard Pyle School of Illustration Art, which taught quite a few illustrators that went on to fame of their own.

As a side-point of interest, Howard also drew pirates, and is considered responsible for the modern idea of how a pirate should look.  Also a novelist, he wrote several books which were well-received.  Are you familiar with the gimmick behind the tv series 24?  Each episode is supposed to occur in one hour of a day, combining one single 24-hour day into the entire season.  Would it surprise you to learn Howard Pyle used the same concept in a book he wrote, published in 1887?    It was titled “The Wonder Clock”.  Each of the 24 tales was prefaced by verses written by his sister.  The tales were inspired by European folk tales, and each story represented a different hour of the day.

Though his books were well-received, Pyle is best known for his illustrations.  Vincent Van Gogh wrote in a letter that Howard Pyle’s work “struck me dumb with admiration.”  How would you like THAT on a resume?

His work is stylish and attractive.  This prints in our eBay store are black and white, rather than full color.  More accurately, black and cream, the pages being more of a cream color than a white.  I’m not sure exactly how many we have, but in checking our store I see 29 Howard Pyle prints listed currently.  They’re matted with a very attractive bevel cut black matte with white core and white foam core backing.  It really makes the image stand out.  The size is a very comfortable 8″ x 10″.  They can fit just about anywhere, and quietly accent a room without overpowering it.

As I get the time, I’ll try to feature individual vintage and antique art prints.  For now, I hope you explore some of our eBay listings and find something you enjoy.