Vintage Art Prints at our eBay Store

Vintage Art Prints at our eBay Store

Monique and I have both recently embarked upon a new direction with our eBay listings.  She’s taken off like greased lightning.  Within a short time she’s already found and listed nearly 100 antique and vintage prints from old books and documents.  Making progress by leaps and bounds.

Our eBay history is an amalgam of oddball items of opportunity.  Most obtained from yard sales, estate sales, and other local venues.  Occasionally we’ve bought wholesale items for resale, but our success in that area has been shaky.  A few years ago we bought a large collection of older Hallmark ornaments, and did so well that vintage ornaments became our specialty for a number of years.  Eventually that market went soft, and we had to branch back out.  Still do the occasional older Christmas ornament, or Christmas themed collectibles.

We’ve also done well with the occasional GI Joe toy, foreign coin collections, Disney PVC figurines, used books, and more… just the average hodgepodge.

With a recent opportunity to delve into vintage art prints, Monique has very aggressively hunted and obtained a number of old bookplates and the like.  She’s also matted a few, depending on what strikes her fancy.  She’s found some amazing images – Cecil Alden’s dog art, some original Peter Pan prints, John Steuart Curry, just a good variety and more on the way.  I enjoy many of them, but am especially fond of the Henri Rousseau Orchard lithograph.

My own project isn’t off to such a rip-roaring start.  Been working on it at my own pace, which involves rotation between several projects at a time.  This particular bit of work requires sourcing digital book collections and combining them to create new and unique curations for sale.  Given the amount of effort it’s going to take (lots), and the amount of free time I have these days (not much)… I’m treating it as more of an eBay-related hobby.  At least until I can get several new products off the ground and up for sale.

In the meantime, check out Monique’s vintage art prints for sale in our eBay store.  I’ll be highlighting them individually soon, but for now, think of this as sort of a ‘sneak preview’.