Cecil Aldin

Cecil Aldin

Monique has been listing art prints recently.  I noticed today she’s listed a bunch of art plates from artist Cecil Aldin, taken from Walter Emanuel’s 1910 version of “A Dog Day or The Angel in the House”.

Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin was a British artist.  He specialized in animals, sports, and rural scenes, with a warm, personable style.  He owned several dogs, and looking at Cecil’s art, you can tell he used his own dogs as models.  At least, with the prints we have, you can.

The book our prints came from was a cute story about a day in the life of a pampered house dog.  The pictures are very appropriate to the story, and there were many images in the book.  Cecil had a real gift for capturing the spirit of a scene.  The dog in these art prints show a real send of personality.  I’m especially fond of the little terrier carrying a soup bone he stole.  He has a very obvious sense of pride and possessiveness as he trots off with his prize.

It’s pretty cool to think these prints are over 100 years old.  It was long before my life began!  Funny to think how much our own dogs are similar to the ones shown in these old illustrations.  All three of ours have different personalities, but they have a lot in common too.  Our mean little girl Pixie is a Chihuahua, and she rules the other two.  Tootsie is a rather large Schnauzer, and a lovable goofball.   And Scarlett is the prissy maiden aunt, that only has so much tolerance for childish shenanigans.

But give any of them a bone, and off they trot, just like the dog in one of Aldin’s hundred-year-old prints.  Kind of nice to know how consistent our pets are.