hose5I’ve noticed over time, many of the things I write about here appeal to me.  They’re either things I collect, or things I would collect with enough room or money to spare.  I guess that makes sense.  Monique and I  tend to list things that we’re somewhat familiar with.  Mom goes on her shopping sprees, and tends to buy things she either knows about, or likes.  Even after our purchases are filtered through the lens of our personal hobbies, then I choose what to write about… and again, tend to write about things I’m interested in.  For their own sake, or because of some tangential interest or associated story.

Not this time.  At no point in time did I ever think I’d be blogging about panty hose, nylon stockings, vintage or otherwise.  But when looking through our recent listings, this just kind of jumped out.  Right now, we have a kind of mixed lot of vintage nylons in a single listing.  This lot in and of itself might not have caught my eye, except that we’ve had some good sales recently due to vintage nylon hose.  Hoses?  Hosen? Hosiery?  Not sure of the proper grammatical form here.

Anyway, Mom picked up some vintage nylons still in original boxes, at local yard sales.  They were pretty old, and with a bit of research, Monique discovered they would sell quite nicely.  After selling those two sets (and yes, they did sell “quite nicely”)  Monique discovered this lot in our ebay storage shelves.  Since the others did well, it seemed worth a shot to add these.

I was taking pictures of a variety of things to list, and got to the nylons.  Opened the box, and my first thought was “Wow, these are still folded and unused, like brand new!”

My second thought was “Wow, they smell… perfumed!”  It only took a few moments for my allergies to flare up.  I tried to finish shooting the pics, but that scent was powerful.  Pretty, but with my allergies, deadly.  I just couldn’t stay the course, and had to bail out.

As a result, Monique had to deal with them.  She did a great job and, as I mentioned, they did sell very well.  I guess now we’re on the lookout.  By preference, I think I’ll let Monique continue to be our ‘vintage nylon stocking’ representative. I’m afraid my allergies aren’t up to the challenge.