Anybody that knows me will be aware that I have a ‘guarded mistrust’ of our government, to put it nicely. It’s just human nature- power corrupts. But that doesn’t stop me from believing in the finer principles that we should strive for.
And it sure doesn’t prevent me from appreciating great artwork and sculpting. Maybe it’s just my love for models and figurines, but I’ve always had a fascination for miniature ‘village’ pieces. Especially when they’ve been carved and painted in amazing detail.

Sorry- this one already sold

Sorry- this one already sold

In this particular case, the Danbury Mint has created a series titled the “Great Buildings of the US Capitol” collection. We managed to find the one modeled after the Supreme Court. Talk about beautiful!  It was at a local yard sale.  The people living there are planning to move, and for months they’ve had an off-and-on yard sale full of high quality collectibles.  We’ve bought quite a few pieces from them… some of which are staying in our own personal collection.  Good stuff.

With the Supreme Court piece, the building and surrounding grounds are sculpted and painted in great detail. I totally love the look of it.  It’s also rather large, and very heavy.  Most of the ‘cottages’ I like are smaller, ‘hold-in-the-hand’ sized. Compared to that, this one is huge. About 11.5″ x 8″, and comes with a wooden platform for a base. Together, they weigh nearly 9 pounds.

On ours, the sculpture is in great condition, but the base has some small flaws, visible from the pictures in the listing. Can be easily touched up, or even just turned so the visible mark is facing the back. I’d be fine with either.

Any time we get something like this, I always have mixed feelings. Given the space, Given the space to display it in, I’d keep this one. And many others… Aside from space, that would kind of negate the goal of making an income on eBay. So with some regret, I don’t make an issue of wanting to keep them.

But in a perfect world… this one would be in my personal collection!

(Edit – our Supreme Court building sold rather nicely.  I’m definitely hoping to find more!)