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Our listing

K’Nex… They didn’t have stuff like that years ago.  When I was a kid, we played with Legos, and were happy with them.  In the absence of Legos (or sometimes as a change of pace) Dad would haul out his popsicle stick collection.

If you’ve never played with popsicle sticks, it’s a lot cooler than it sounds.  Dad had a pretty large boxful, and you could make a lot of cabins and forts with them.  Not to mention, he showed me how to make popsicle-stick bombs.  Both the 5-stick triangle-shaped bomb, and the harder-to-assemble square bomb.  When built correctly, they could be tossed onto that fort you just spent the day building, and wonderful destruction would ensue.  When built incorrectly, they just lay there.  I learned early on not to make them too well, or they wouldn’t go off.

Kids these days have it made.  No, I’m not going on a tangent about school, weather, and walking uphill in both directions.  Just in terms of the cool gadgets they get to play with now.  I’ve never had K’Nex sets before.  Until recently, I thought they were nothing more than a fancier version of the old Erector Sets.  (Which I also never got to play with… we were solidly in with Legos.  I brought my own boy up on Legos too.  Good enough for me, good enough for him!)

Found a decent set of K’nex recently at a yard sale, and learned the major error of my thinking.  K’nex are a building toy, yes.  But the set we picked up comes with cyber robot components.  You can build mechanical toys with motors, AND electronic personalities programmed in.  I spent a while sorting through them and taking general pictures for the eBay listings, but didn’t try to figure out what all the wires and electronics did.  Monique began an inventory of parts for the listing, and started checking out the motors and programming keys.

It was all pretty amazing.  They come with little remote controls, too.  After she started playing with K’nex gadgets, and we got some video of all the parts working, she looked at me and said “Having second thoughts about selling it?”