I’m always telling people you never know if something will sell or not on eBay.  Occasionally, I list something that I’m convinced won’t sell, and it does sell.  At this point, I’m hoping for that kind of lightning to strike again.

As usual, Mom went to a yard sale, and picked up a few things.  One was a Harry Potter musical snow globe by Enesco.  It caught my eye as something neat, and I claimed it early as my item to list.  It showed the scene from Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone if you’re in England).  Professor Quirrel was trying to force Harry to get the Sorcerer’s Stone from the Mirror of Erised, which is where Dumbledore had hidden it.  The figure shows Harry standing in front of the mirror with his hands out, and Quirrell leaning over him.  The mirror features an embedded image of Harry holding the stone in one hand, rather than a straightforward reflection.

In the story, Professor Dumbledore had hidden the stone in the mirror because the only person who could retrieve it would be someone who did not intend to use it.  Pretty clever, everybody who wanted it for the wrong reason would only see themselves reflected with their dearest wish.

The sculpting is very nice, and the mirror casts a very small red glow when the globe is turned on.  The glass is clean and undamaged, the base looks very good.  The music plays fine (Fantaisie Impromptu, possibly more familiar as the tune to “I’m always chasing rainbows”).

For as long as I keep the video online, here’s how it looked… pretty gruesome when you shake it:

Everything was great… until I shook it.  Yes, it has glittery ‘snow’ flakes floating around.  It also has dust.  Inside the water.  When you shake the globe, the water begins to look… bad.  I was SO disappointed.  Showed it to Monique, and on first glance we decided not to list it because of the dust.  Wet dust just looks… ugly.

She saw how disappointed I was, and encouraged me to list it anyway.  So I lowered the price.  Was originally going to start at 19.99, but decided to list it at $9.99.  Who knows?  As long as you don’t shake it, the globe looks great.  Maybe someone will want it at the lower price, and only use it for static display.

Maybe it’ll sell.  Maybe not.  I have my doubts.  But many auctions in the past have surprised me; hopefully this one will too!

(Edit: No go this time.  ‘Dirty’ Harry just didn’t appeal, I guess.  No surprises.  It was still worth a shot.)