Monique and I both love to read.  Often, our tastes overlap and we share a good book, or good book series.  We’ve both enjoyed the Kinsey Millhone ‘alphabet’ mystery series by Sue Grafton.  We both like Savannah Reid (though I got pretty upset in the episode where she got shot).  I’ve also enjoyed Kathy Hogan Trocheck’s ‘Callahan Garrity’ series, though I’m not sure if Monique read that one.

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Click to see current listings

I usually read sci-fi and fantasy.  She likes cozy mysteries a lot.  At some point she realized she tends to read one series once, and will never read it again.  So Monique’s been buying complete series, then selling them on eBay once finished.  Pretty smart.

Skip McGrath (see his ad on the sidebar… I own several of his books) has a newsletter that I subscribe to.  Lots of good stuff, and I know he does the same thing with his books.  He buys hot new hardcover bestsellers, reads them then lists them while they’re still popular.  It’s not really profitable… but it’s a great way to read a book and not spend full price.

Monique just finished the Scumble River Cozy Mystery Series by Denise Swanson.  She said it wasn’t one that I would like, so I took her word.  But she enjoyed the series.  Now she’s got the entire series listed on eBay.

She’s also finished the Jane Wheel Cozy Mystery Series and is selling the complete set (8 books).

I do the same thing, but not on such a grand scale.  I’m currently selling a Silver Surfer book, and an Avengers novel.  We’ll pass those books along and use the money to fund our next books to read…

For habitual readers like us, it’s a great way to keep up with our reading but not spend so much money.  On the other hand, my favorite books I read, and then a couple of years later, re-read.  So they stay in my library.  :^)

A 10th-grade teacher of mine back in 1976 introduced me to Tolkien with The Hobbit.  Then the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I’ve had those same books (and read them many times) ever since then.  When my son went to the local college, (during the height of the LOR movie popularity) I was on campus at one point, with my copy of The Two Towers in hand.  A passing student saw it, and remarked how it was the coolest book ever.  I smiled, and told him what’s even cooler is that I’ve owned and enjoyed the book in my hand for longer than he’s been alive.  The look on his face was fabulous.