This was AFTER selling most of it.  I wish we'd gotten a 'Before' shot!

This was AFTER selling most of it. I wish we’d gotten a ‘Before’ shot!

This weekend was our “didn’t sell it on eBay” yard sale.  Everything we buy for our eBay business has a life cycle.  Items are initially purchased for re-sale on eBay.  But sometimes, they don’t sell.  Or we find a flaw that we missed at first.  Sometimes we make a bad judgement call and the item just isn’t worth the time and effort of listing, packaging, or the shipping cost compared to the item value.

For whatever reason, over time our storage areas overflow with things that didn’t get sold on eBay.  When we get enough overflow, it’s time for a yard sale.  Only, in this case there were constant delays to the schedule.  Weather, family plans, health, it seems like this yard sale was probably delayed for about two months.  While frustrating, the delays gave Monique more and more time to prepare.

As a result, by this weekend we had the biggest yard sale we’ve ever put on.  Some long tables, some card tables, sheets of plywood laid across oversized plant pots… and my favorite, old doors resting on top of sawhorses.  In all, there were probaby about 20 cafeteria tables worth of surface, and all of it full.  Matter of fact, there was so much extra we simply started putting the boxes out in the yard and spread tarps out.

I need to clarify who “we” are.  I’m not just referring to Monique, Mom and myself, but also her sister and family.  Ann, Rick, and David.  They do pretty much the same procedure we do, and come yard sale time, we all pool our resources and make the yard sale that much bigger and better.

While everybody put their shoulder to the wheel, it wasn’t all work.  Saturday afternoon David and I snuck off to watch GI Joe: Retaliation.  He had already seen it, but I hadn’t.  It was a lot of fun.

One thing we tried that was different was the way we advertised.  Traditionally at our newspaper, people advertise yard sales either Wed, Thur, Fri, or Thur/Fri/Sat.  If you advertise too much in advance, people show up the wrong weekends before you’re ready.

Because of the incessant delays, Monique suggested a “Hold this place” ad.  I wasn’t too enthusiastic, but Ann agreed with Monique.  So we ran the ad a couple of weeks early, and left the address out.  Just put “Hold this place” where the address would have been, and the rest was our usual description of the stuff we’ll have.  Once the date was set in stone, we changed the ad to reflect the address.

My fear was that people would start skipping over our ad because it was familiar.  Boy, was I wrong…  All day long people kept telling us how much fun they had, checking the paper each day to see if the address was published yet!

As an attention-getting technique, it was extremely effective.  For future yard sales, I think it’s going to be worth repeating.  This was possibly the best yard sale we’ve ever had.  If  not the absolute best, then certainly the best in several years.

Now we have the left-overs to deal with.  There are several people in our area that do yard-sale leftover pickup, and they usually come get most of our extras.  Beyond that, there’s always donations to Goodwill and some local charity shops.

The best thing, is now we have room again.  It’ll get filled up before too long, but for a little while, it’s nice to have some space!!