During one of Mom’s ubiquitous yard sale trips, she picked up a sculpture that looked like Willow Tree.  We’ve had good luck with them, and own several pieces in our own collection (most notably the Nativity set).

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Click to see Listing

When she got home, Monique checked, and it turned out not to be Willow Tree, but another company called the “Tree of Life Collection”.  This is an entirely different production company.  The artist  is master sculptor Timothy Schmalz, who has sculpted, large and small, across the globe.

The Tree of Life Collection, as noted, is remarkably similar to Willow Tree, with the primary difference being the presence of a ‘tree of life’ in the background of every scene.  If you go to www.treeoflifecollection.com you’ll see a well designed website, tasteful and low-key.  The main page explains why Tree of Life is such an important theme in this series.

There are a number of categories, from Family & Relationships, to Interests & Occupations, to Occasions.  All have the overriding theme of the tree, with the foreground consisting of one or two figures expressing a subtheme.  Categories such as Grandpa and Me, Daddy’s Little Girl, Feline Friend, Golden Anniversary, Soul Mates, and way too many others to list here.  Go check out their site.  Really – they have some beautiful sculptures.  If you like Willow Tree, then these are right up your alley.  All of them measure somewhere around 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall, give or take a bit.

This one in particular was titled “Care Giver”, and shows a young lady helping a wheelchair-bound older man.  For myself, I like to imagine the stories these could be.  With this sculpture, I think of the man as an elderly father, and the lady is his grown-up child, now taking care of him. Giving them a history and personality makes them more enjoyable to me.

There’s not many from this line on eBay, so it’s a pretty wild guess as to whether ours will sell well or not.  But the size is perfect for a small display on a shelf or table.  And the quality of sculpture has a very nice rustic feel.  At first glance it looks simple, but the more you look, the more you see the skill that went into each piece.

We’ll see how well it goes on eBay.  In the meantime, I really enjoyed working with it and learning about the overall collection.  Hopefully we’ll find a good home for “Care Giver”, where the sculpture will have a special meaning for someone.