Legos! I LOVE Legos! One of Mom’s Saturday Yard Sale excursions netted two very old Lego System sets. They’ve obviously been through a war or two, but both sets still have the original boxes. The first set is in a wooden box, with a sliding top that fits into grooves. Looks like it dates back to 1963, so it’s slightly younger than I am. Or I’m slightly older than it is. However you like to look at it. The other is of a similar age, but the box is very heavy solid cardboard.

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Click to see our current Lego Listings

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to see these old sets. The boxes are labeled as Lego set 700k and Lego set 810. When we got them, it looked like the sets had been blended between the two boxes with no respect to what goes where. Chances are, there might be pieces included from other sets as well. I know for a fact some of the pieces inside were from a Lego train set.

It was too overwhelming to sort what actually belonged and what didn’t, considering both sets are likely incomplete. The best I could think of was to simply organize what was in each box and take pictures. Wasn’t keeping track of the actual time, but at a guess, it was probably a couple of hours with each box sorting out what was actually in there. I sat at the table, listening to my mp3 collection, and playing with Legos. Monique said I looked like I was having fun.

Given the age, there were a fair number of damaged pieces, but mostly they were all good. Pretty dirty, but good. I didn’t throw the broken ones out, because most of them were still useable. Some weren’t obviously broken until you looked closely. But for the sake of listing accurately, if I found any functional flaw, they went in the broken pile.

For the rest, they were sorted mainly by type, though I tried to keep the colors separated as well as possible.

The first set seemed more cohesive. There was less variety, and more of similar types of Lego bricks. The second set had a lot more variety. As a matter of fact, that’s where I found the pieces from the Lego train set. There was an engine block, which caught my eye. It seemed too modern compared to the rest of the pieces. So I brought it to Monique. With a little research she found what it was, and identified several other pieces that were unique to the train set.

So we pulled those pieces aside, and I continued with the sorting, organizing, and photos.

That done, Monique has already listed both of the sets, and will soon have the train pieces done. We’re pretty happy to find these. Lego sets have always done well for us on eBay. Guess it’s no wonder. Even adults enjoy Lego. My son was still playing with his well into his twenties… and for all I know, he still might enjoy them. Monique has fond memories from her childhood with Legos. I used to make sealed mazes and put grasshoppers in them. When they crawled out the escape exit, they were returned to the yard and set free.

Legos have a pretty universal appeal. Between children actually playing with them, and adults re-discovering an old love, it’s no wonder they always sell well.