Selling on eBay is never a set-in-concrete sort of thing.  What sold well yesterday may not today, and might sell well again next week.  Or month… or year.  I recently mentioned a hand-painted medieval chess set we listed.  Didn’t have any expectations for it, yet it sold rather well, to my great surprise.

Click to see listing

Click to see listing

Last night something similar happened.  Over a period of time, we’ve picked up the odd action figure at different yard sales.  Recently Monique and I sorted through them, and picked a few of the best to list as a random lot of action figures on eBay.  I didn’t expect much if anything from them.  Took one group picture, named the ones that were easily recognizable in the listing, and posted the auction at $19.99 with free shipping.

For reference, there were several Batman figures, a couple of Spider-Man, He-Man, Skeletor, and some others from Masters of the Universe.  Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, a Yu-gi-oh! character, and even a Mario.  Plus some I just couldn’t put a name to.  No real pattern or theme.

Kind of thought it would just sit there, and eventually wind up in the ‘to be sold in our yard sale’ pile.  It’s not like these were new, or collectible.  They were just random characters, and had all seen serious play.  The best thing I could think was to recommend them for a ‘hard-playing boy or girl’ as an inexpensive way to add to their toybox.

A couple of hours later, working on pictures for a future auction listing, Monique said “Your action figures have a bid.”  You could have just about picked me up off the floor.  Auctions rarely get bids early on.  Most buyers prefer to wait until the last day, or even last few minutes, to bid.

We enjoyed a moment or two of going ‘Wow, that’s cool”, then went up front to eat supper.  When we came back later, there were two more bids!  All small amounts, which is to be expected.  But wow… 3 bids within hours of posting.  Learned something new… again.  Gives me a whole new appreciation for listing used toys on eBay.  That’s a really good thing, because toys used to be my favorite thing to list.  It’ll be fun to list more toys again.  One more ‘Who knew?’ moment, where you suddenly realize that preconceptions you weren’t even aware of might have been making you miss some great opportunities.

Now I’ll be watching out for toys, and trying keep my mind (and eyes) open to the changing markets on eBay.