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Click pic to see listing

Now we’re into silly season.  We found this little guy at a garage sale recently.  He’s a Wupper Airlines Crazy Jumpkins figure.  This one is #3173, a seated man suspended under a flapping wing.  A little old school, you might say this wooden display figure is ‘eccentric’.  (See video at bottom of page.)

I don’t know exactly why I’m featuring him here.  I mean, yes, they’re cute, and yes, they sell for a decent amount.  But the main thing that brings him to my attention is his in-your-face adorable oddity.  He’s just so ‘out there’, you can’t help but like him.

He was even more appealing when I realized he has a fairly complex action.  It’s not just a display that hangs on a string and does nothing.  This little guy hangs on a very flexible spring, and the bouncing motion is accented by a clever design that causes his wings to flap in a separate movement.  I think it was the bouncing/flapping that makes him so lovable.  He’s just  non-stop cute, and any motion sets him off all over again.

His movement is so extraordinary… no batteries, no winding, just some string, a spring, and some jointed pieces of wood.  As a matter of fact, it’s so amazing when you think about it, I couldn’t let  him go with just still images.  Got plenty of pics for eBay of course, but had to take video too.

At first, we went all over the house, he and I, trying to find a good place to hang him from that had a decent backdrop to frame him in.  The spring is very long, which gives better bounce but makes it hard to find a good photo-op place.

So Monique got drafted to hold him, while I shot the video.  Worked perfectly.  Our Wupper Airlines Jumpkin is now doing his crazy schtick on Youtube.  I’ll include the video when I post this.

In this computer, digital, electrical, functional world, a bit of old-style charm is like a breath of fresh air.  I really like this odd-ball little guy.  I guess, that’s all the reason I need for sharing him.