I like toys.  Even if they’re not the kind I collect, toys are still fun.  So when we got some Fisher Price Adventure People sets and pieces recently, I took camera in hand and set out to have some fun.

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Click pic to see our current listings

Bear in mind, Monique is the expert.  I just enjoy them.  She sorted them into appropriate sets, like the Wilderness Patrol (set 307), the Wild Animal Safari (set 304), and the Sea Explorer (set 310).  See?  She even knows the set numbers to group them in.  Or the individual stuff, like the Ranger ATV (# 1139), and the Canoe Motor (1177).

She even identifies which sets those pieces go to.  Like the Canoe Motor belongs with set 312- North Woods Trailblazer.  I’m sure that required a fair bit of research.  Lucky me… mine was the fun part!  (What… you didn’t think I know all those numbers did you?  I’m just plagiarizing her hard work and diligence!)

So I did things like pose the Adventure People scuba diver with his scuba set.  That was a bit tough- he’s really top-heavy when wearing it.  Had to kind of ‘lean’ him.  The Canoe Motor, and the green ATV were easier, but not much more fun.  I mean, without the canoe, the motor just kind of lays on it’s side.  Big excitement.  At least I could push the ATV around some.  I like that it had six wheels, and they have a mechanical clicking sound when you roll them.  That’s a cool feature that you’d never discover without playing with it a little.

But the most fun were the sets.  The Sea Explorer Boat was very cool.  It has a large single wheel underneath.  On the bottom of the boat, near the front.  On smooth hard flooring, it rolls very nicely.  I can easily imagine it’s in water and moving at speed.  The couple come in swim gear, with scuba tanks and a pair of skis.  Here’s something I didn’t realize: the tanks can be filled with water, so the figures can ‘dive’, or if you leave the tanks air-filled, the swimmers can float.

The boat itself was pretty neat, but the part I liked best was the fitted sea sled for powered underwater exploration.  It fits into the boat, but can be taken off to play with separately.  The sea sled also comes with a wheel on bottom for rolling across the floor.  Posing these for pictures was decent, but I had even more fun with the other sets.

The Wilderness Patrol Set came with a Ranger ATV, a Land/Sea plane, a couple of guys, and a sleeping bag.  Only one bag, so I guess one of them has to sleep in the ATV.  But at least one of them gets to sleep in warmth and comfort.

I’ve already mentioned the ATV- there were two, so one is in the set, and the other is listed by itself.  But the plane… the plane, boss, the plane…  That was a fun toy.  It has wings.  It’s got wheels for a ground-based landing.  It comes with sea pontoons for a water landing.  It’s bright yellow, with a propeller.  I could’ve played with this one for hours!  But I was all business.  Took my pictures, and moved on.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!)

As great as the Wilderness Patrol set was, I had even more fun with the Wild Animal Safari set.  This came with a Jeep… I already like it, Monique and I own two Jeeps, and both of our Dads drive Jeeps as well.  This one comes with a color matched trailer, and the trailer has a detachable camper-top.  For even more, the camper top cover is cloth, and can be collapsed or set up via a couple of hinged spring-like metal bars on the inside.
This particular grouping comes with Safari Jim, Mom, and Jody.  I remember being a kid and watching the “Jungle Jim” movies.  He was no Tarzan, but it was jungle adventure, and I loved them.  Safari Jim must be his cousin, or maybe even a brother.

The Jeep makes a motorized sound when you push it.  There’s a lot of scope for adventure in this set.  I know, it’s “Fisher Price Adventure People”, so that’s kind of expected.  Still, this one has a lot of potential.  My favorite shot was the one with Mom behind the driver’s wheel, Jody in the passenger seat, and Safari Jim hooking the trailer to the Jeep.  They’re almost ready to begin!

If you’re an adult, maybe you’ve forgotten the fun of these toys.  If not, then you can still appreciate how much fun kids can have with them.  I hope to always see the fun in things.  It’s something kids do much better than adults.