A friend recently asked me to sell his hand painted ceramic chess set.  The figures are medieval, and the painting detail is amazing.  These are really nice.  But I always thought hand-painted ceramics was a ‘hard sell’ on ebay.  No research, no reason behind the thought.  Just a built-in blinder that was limiting my thinking.

Click to see listing

Click to see listing

So when eBay had a free listing offer, it seemed like the time to list these chess figures.  Even though my expectations were low, and there wasn’t even a board, I put them up at $24.99, which seemed a reasonable amount for all that hard work and loving attention to detail.  I kind of thought ‘If it doesn’t sell at that price, it’s probably best just to keep it.”



Lucky for me, I really underestimated the market.  In an effort to be as thorough as possible, I put a lot of pictures up, and a close-up video.  It’s good for both sides of the transactions.  As the seller, I make sure people see exactly what the item is, it’s condition, and it’s very accurately represented.  For the buyer, there’s not many questions left to ask.  Pictures and video combined, with plenty of detail, do a lot better job than words alone.

Words are important… for instance, I didn’t think to add “Figural” and “Medieval” to the eBay title.  Monique did that.  Since those are pretty important key search words, they’re very useful to include in the title.  The images and video simply allow shoppers to see, and feel safe, that they’re getting exactly what they think they’re getting.  Plus it saves the trouble of shipping something to someone, only to find it’s not what they thought it was.  We’re all happier.

In this case, the video and images provided a much-needed close view of the amazing detail on these figures. The painting is very high quality, and the pieces have a sense of elegance to enhance any room.  Especially a medieval or fantasy themed decor.  My friend, who was one of the artists, told me the process involves several layers of paint, firing, and glaze.

Turns out, I expected nothing but there’ve been 4 bids at this time, up to $34.  In the future, I’ll respect ceramics a whole lot more!