Now we’re getting far out of my comfort zone.  Monique recently acquired a pretty large collection of cloth and sewing materials.  I had no idea it was even worth anything, but it turns out cloth sells pretty well.  She’d know better than me, she’s quite a talented seamstress, having created her wedding gown for our Renaissance-style wedding.  Not to mention her bridesmaids gowns, and sometimes even sewing customized super-hero costumes.

Click to see our current fabric listings

Click to see our current fabric listings

Looking through the items, the first thing I see is a listing for 60 Packs Rick Rack Trim Seam Binding Bias Tape.  It says many sizes/colors Wrights Coats.  I understand the Wrights Coats.  eBay title lines are only so long, and those were the major brand names in the lot – Wrights, and Coats.

Trim, Seam, Binding Bias Tape… not 100% sure, but that mainly seems obvious.  60 packs?  Easy enough.  But what really throws me for a loop is “Rick Rack”.  Heard of nick nacks.  Heard of Rick Rolled. Been Rick Rolled.  But Rick Rack?  No clue.  It must be incredibly useful to somebody.

I’m on a little firmer footing with the other items.  Patterned sheets of fabric make sense even to me.  Plenty of projects to use them on for crafts.  Or maybe clothing, purses, bags, and the like.  Didn’t know it sold by the pound.  Never really thought about it, but for a variety of small scraps, the total weight/volume is probably the best way to portion it out.  Also never realized how specific cloth can get.  There’s the manufacturer, the type of cloth, a description of the pattern.  Even a part number!  (Yeah, I’m a guy.  Doesn’t mean I can’t learn something new!)  While I might look at a piece of cloth and say “Oh, parrots.  That’s nice.”  Meaning, of course, it has no importance to me, but I’m being nice.  But Monique looks at it and says “Shamash and Sons, Fabric part# 4166, tropical birds, green…  that would be perfect in our room!”

She also found some fabric sample books.  Would have been surprised at that too, but Monique told me years ago those sell well.  It’s no surprise that those are worthwhile.  Not my niche, but it’s useful to others, and that’s good for us.

The big thing is to think outside your box when you’re looking for inventory.  See things creatively.  It’s amazing how easily things can be overlooked.  I’d have totally ignored a box full of cloth and rick rack and fabric samples.  And would have missed an excellent eBay opportunity.