Do you remember the tv series “Road to Avonlea”?  It was based on books by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), titled “The Story Girl”, “The Golden Road”, “Chronicles of Avonlea”, and “Further Chronicles of Avonlea.”

Monique was a huge fan.  She used to force me to sit and watch the series with her.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)  Actually, even though it’s not traditional ‘guy’ entertainment… no swords, space ships, light sabers… it was easy to get absorbed in the story of Sara Stanley.  The rich girl sent to live with her mother’s side of the family.  How stuck up she was.  Then how bad I felt for her when it turned out she wasn’t rich, and wasn’t going back home.  And her true strength of character, brought out by the supportive family who took her in.  Okay, okay.  I liked it.  And Aunt Hetty was my favorite.  Happy now?     :^)

I always preferred the earlier seasons to the later ones.  It seems like the longer a great show lasts, the more the writers have to struggle for new plots.  Carol Burnett set the bar exceedingly high when she became the first entertainment show host to quit at the height of her popularity.
Anyway, memorabilia from Road to Avonlea is pretty rare.  When Monique got her hands on some unopened, brand-new-in-the-box jigsaw puzzles based on the series, I’m sure she struggled over keeping them.  As I’ve mentioned before, eBay brings in a goodly portion of our income.  Monique took the professional approach, and listed them for sale instead of adding them to her collection.

Click to see our current eBay Puzzles

Click to see our current eBay Puzzles

We have four jigsaw puzzles by Canada Games Company Limited, made circa 1995.  Each has 100 pieces, and features members of the cast.  The ones we have feature these characters:


  • Sara Stanley and Felix King (played by Sarah Polley and Zachary Bennett).
  • Sara and Aunt Hetty King (played by Sarah Polley and Jackie Burroughs).
  • Aunt Hetty and Olivia King Dale (played by Jackie Burroughs and Mag Ruffman).
  • Lastly, a group shot with Sara, Aunt Hetty, Olivia, Felicity King, Janet King, and Muriel Stacey.

The boxes are all manufacturer sealed, though they have some light wear.

At the time we listed them, there weren’t any others available on eBay.  So I can’t really compare to any average market value.  I suspect the appeal will be to fans of the show wanting to collect memorabilia.  At only 100 pieces, the puzzles probably won’t attract jigsaw puzzle fans so much as Avonlea fans.  People who genuinely watched and enjoyed the show.