Some good friends have been downsizing, and in the course of clearing house, gave away their collection of The Bradford Exchange’s “A Year In Paradise” plates.  These are by Christian Riese Lassen, and depict beautiful underwater scenes.  A rainbow of vivid ocean hues, eye-catching fish, breathtaking artwork, all in one series of collectors plates.
The concept was to create one plate per month, for a year of spectacular underwater and island scenery.

In this particular collection, we have every month except October.  We had it, but sold it before I had the opportunity to post this. One of the nice things about the Bradford Exchange is that the price of their collections usually stays accessible.  Nothing worse than collecting almost a whole set of… anything, really… and discovering that last item to complete the set is super-expensive.  These collectibles hold a decent value, but they don’t usually kill the budget to obtain.

DolphinsTo see our current listing of collectible plates, visit our store here.

The artist, Christian Lassen, grew up on Maui.   He’s best known for his special touch with marine paintings.  If you’re a fan of marine art, you probably already know of Lassen, or are familiar with his art even if you didn’t know his name.
These plates are outright gorgeous.  Each one captures it’s element wonderfully and sparks the imagination with vivid colors.  If you’re a collector of underwater imagery, these plates will make a wonderful addition to your collection.  Something I like a lot about them is the size.  Each plate is 6 1/2″ in diameter.  It’s not like you’ll have a dozen full-scale paintings trying to fit into limited wall space.  This collection is very space-friendly, and gives plenty of versatility the arrangement.

Speaking from personal experience in collecting, size is a serious factor. I don’t have room for unlimited statues… but a few figurines of smaller size can be just as exquisite, and still not take over the house.  (Unless you’re like me and have a huge collection – then it takes over regardless of size!)

In case you’re wondering why I’m not keeping these for myself… so am I!  I’ve always loved this kind of art.  But two things hold me back.  First off, Monique and I count on eBay for income.  If I keep everything I like, that kind of shoots down the idea of earning a living.  Secondly, I already collect too many things… sometimes, you just have to draw the line because there’s nowhere left to put any more…  :^)

My loss is someone else’s gain.  If you enjoy aquatic scenery, these might be just what you were looking for.