Marvel Universe

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Recently I posted about the collection of Disney Marvel PVC Figurines given to me by Monique.  The only set that had a finished video was the Classic X-Men set.  Now I’ve finished one for the Marvel Universe figurine set.  No real reason to make a video of them, except that I like them so much, and thought it would be cool to share with others.  If you collect PVC figures also, this way you can see, in full detail, what the sets look like, and each individual figure.

I would love to say they all look Spectacular.  It’s true, but feels like infringement, since that’s Spider-Man’s adjective.  Same for ‘Amazing’.  I could legitimately call them Incredible, since The Hulk is the central figure of the set. No matter what word you use, though, they’re all really cool.  Some excellent sculpting, dynamic and iconic poses, and great paint jobs.  If there’s any flaw at all, it would have to be the occasional over-painted edge between two different surfaces.

I’m a collector from way back when… late 1980’s.  Looking at my first figures, and then looking at these, the  comparison is almost embarrasing.  The original ones from 25 years ago look bloated, and nearly comical.  No detailed sculpts.

I’ve had them for a long long time, and they are going to stay in my collection.  But honestly, the new sets are so much better it’s exciting to have them included.  It’s not just the high paint and sculpting quality that makes them so great.  It’s also the fact that someone cared enough to put each figure in an iconic pose that truly represents the character.

Daredevil is crouching low on a rooftop, billy club ready to swing into action.  Luke Cage… umm, wait, is THAT Luke Cage?  Man, he looks different than when I was growing up.  Still, it’s obviously our buddy Luke, and he looks ready to kick some rear and take a few names.

Right next to him is is partner Iron Fist.  Danny’s in a fabulous flying kick pose (I just made that phrase up- maybe it’s not a kick, but it’s cool.) and his right fist is charged with chi.  Hulk.  Hulk big.  Much bigger than the other characters.  And he’s dynamically reaching forward for something to smash.  I love it!

Spider-Woman… now what comic book fan hasn’t seen that particular art?  Talk about iconic!  Taken right from her own comic book, the quintessential Jessica Drew pose.

Doctor Strange was never one of my favorites, but I have to admit, they captured his essence wonderfully.  And Ms Marvel… wow.  Perfect pose, one she’s known for.  The clear support tab that curls up from the ground and supports her from the back waistline is brilliant.  Gives exactly the image of flying into combat.

I’m proud of all of these, and very happy to have them on my wall.