Breville Citrus Press 800CPLX Die-Cast Stainless Steel Juicer

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This isn’t the first Citrus Press we’ve listed on eBay.  A year or so ago, we got a massive professional kitchen model from a motel clear-out.  I was impressed with that one (mainly it’s weight) but it was a great big godzilla of a juicer.  Ungainly, heavy, somewhat battle-scarred… that was a monster.  Certainly not attractive, but very functional.  And it sold quite well.

The Breville Citrus Press is a whole other breed of machine.  Still built very solid, with a good heft.  But it’s stainless steel, sleek, shapely, in addition to being very functional.  It’s always great when something works, and works exceptionally well.  Even better when it looks good too.

While I was taking the pictures for Monique, it surprised me she hadn’t claimed it for her own.  It’s a good size for home kitchen use, but has the heft and durability of an industrial model.  Monique loves kitchen gadgetry, and this would fit right into her kitchen.  Not as impractical as you’d think, either.  We have an orange tree out back, and it’s currently full of  oranges.  More than we can eat, though I’m doing my best…

A day or two after taking pictures, Monique told me she wanted to test it.  With the weight, she didn’t want to ship it to someone’s home, only to find it didn’t work.  We had power-tested it already, and it runs fine.  But she made a good point.  We needed to be certain it would do a good job.  Actual product testing works best with video, and I like posting short videos showing the actual items we have.  I leave the videos in place even after the auction, on the chance someone in the future might be considering the same or similar item.  The hard part’s done, and leaving it up doesn’t hurt anything.

As a result, we have a nice video of the 800CPLX Citrus Press squeezing out several of our oranges.  For the record, that was very sweet, and very smooth, orange juice!  If it doesn’t sell, I won’t mind seeing it stay in our kitchen.

To make it even better, it has two settings, one for lots of  pulp, one for less pulp.  And according to Monique, it’s super-easy to clean.  Much better than that big monster we sold last year.  The actual product details are specified in the eBay listing.  If you’re curious, be sure to check it out!