Classic Xmen

(The above pic and video is the Classic X-Men set — I’ll add more in later posts when I get the chance.)

I like to collect pvc figurines.  Mainly super-hero figures, some anime, and Buzz Lightyear.  Been collecting since the late 1980’s, so it’s a pretty decent collection.  My first ever was a Batman.  He was actually more ‘rubberized plastic’ than pvc.  But I found him in a department store while stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.  The quality was surprising.  Not really a toy, more of a small display figure.  This was shortly after the Michael Keaton Batman reboot that presaged all the modern super-hero movies.  Shortly after finding him totally at random, one of my comic book suppliers started selling others.  More like the typical PVC figures of today, just not as detailed.  Some were decent.  Some not so much.  But they were all we had back then.  On the average, they cost between $4.95 and $6.95 apiece.

One of my earliest was an Iron Man, stalking forward with his arms raised.  Honestly, looked kind of stupid.  But there just wasn’t much to choose from.  I remember getting an all-white Vision.  This was from the time he was disassembled by the government.  After being rescued and brought back to function, his colors were bleached away, and his personality was gone.

This bothered me a lot.  I used to have the book where Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and the Vision got married.  They were my favorite super-hero couple.  So when I managed to get a Vision, and a Scarlet Witch, it upset me that he was the ‘bleached white’ version.  Didn’t take long to haul out my model-building paints and re-paint him.  Now they’re a properly matched set.  In MY collection, Vision and Wanda are still a couple.

Modern PVC figures typically look much better.  The sculpt, the paint job, the pose, all have come a long way.  Prices are still generally under $10 each.  As a gift to me, Monique found some boxed sets, mainly from the Disney Marvel Universe collections.  When they arrived, I was completely stunned.  These sets have some of the best quality I’ve ever seen for PVC figurines.  Great sculpt, great paint, dynamic poses… just awesome.

I was so impressed, I looked on eBay to see if there were more, and how much they are.  Turns out, these sets… X-men, Avengers, non-team, they’re all selling pretty well on eBay.  And for a lot more than Monique paid on my sets.

First things first, I made it very clear… these are mine.  We will not be selling my private collection.  But she checked, and there were still a few sets left where she got mine, and still on sale.

Now, they’re here on eBay.  I have to say, I love mine.  Going to build a custom shelf near my computer to display them on.  If you collect too, these sets could be a great addition to your collection.