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Monique and I began building models together about a year ago.  With the occasional break, we’ve continued ever since.  My taste runs to super-heroes, but Monique specializes in the monsters.  She’s built some truly cool models, and her painting skills are top notch.  I’m currently working on a Captain America model, while her next one (I think) is going to be Devonian Encounter, a really cool underwater scene with Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Neither of us really get into the traditional model kits.  Cars, ships, that kind of thing… not our taste.  But  the figure model kits really catch our fancy.  Recently, Monique over-ordered.  Or pre-ordered.  Or something.  She got two versions of Bela Lugosi as Broadway’s Dracula.  The one she’s keeping includes a victim.  The one she’s selling does not.  Otherwise, they’re the same model.

The kit is made by Moebius.  It’s plastic, not resin, but very detailed and intricate.  Monique’s done several Moebius kits.  Without fail, they’ve all been of high quality, with lots of detail and wonderful sculpting.  Especially the face – they did a wonderful job capturing the personality of Bela Lugosi.  Our Dracula is the standard version from 2011 (Kit #914)… the original Bela vampire kit, not the newer one with victim.

Classified as Skill level 3. One thing I love about Moebius is their amazing instructions.  Every model kit Monique has gotten from them came with detailed instructions.  These are the best, most detailed, high-quality instructions I’ve ever seen.  Slick paper, color images, in-depth descriptions;  don’t know of any other company that does such a good job.  It’s been the same with the Mummy kit, the Elvira, and holy moly, you should see the one for the Invisible Man!!  Now THAT was a fabulous model kit.  With tons of detailing, and lots of scope for artistic expression, Monique pulled out all the stops building it.

No need to build the same kit twice, so she decided to sell this one.  It looks much easier than the one with the victim included, and she’s ready for a more challenging project.  If you’re looking for a quality figure model and enjoy lots of detail, you might have a lot of fun building this one!