We’ve recently been running into good deals on Department 56 collections.  I would have expected that to happen more AFTER Christmas than before.  But a good deal is where and when you find it.  Department 56 has had a fortunate survival under the Enesco umbrella when Lenox sold it off.  Then Enesco’s plummeting stock values and loss of the Precious Moments line put the line at risk again.  Thankfully Tinicom saved Enesco from bankruptcy.  I still feel badly about the drop in Precious Moments value, but collectibles do tend to cycle.  Remember Beanie Babies?  At least Dept. 56 has an enduring appeal.  Mom pulls her village out every Christmas season and builds a small town on our big buffet top.

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So this time, it’s not just Department 56 Snow Village, it’s themed pieces involved a Ford Dealership.  It looks extremely nice.  The showroom is lighted, the  Ford sign is lighted, and… the 1965 Mustang is on a motorized revolving floor.  It just happens to look AMAZING, which is a lot coming from me.  I’m the ultimate “couldn’t care less” guy when it comes to cars.  But this just looks… again, amazing.

A few years ago, a very good man gave me a job as a car salesman.  He thought I’d do well in spite of my non-car background, because I connect well with people.  I quickly became known as the ‘nicest guy that never sold a car.”  Just don’t have the killer instinct.  Not to say I never managed to sell a car; it just wasn’t a common event.

The other two items are more like ‘supporting pieces’.  One is titled “Quality Service At Ford”, and has a car lift with a pump & gas station attendant.  The other is “Uptown Motors Ford Billboard”, with a secondary sign featuring Gus’s Drive-in Hot Rod Rally.   Ours were in very nice condition (some very mild cosmetic damage).  They all came in their original boxes.  Someone took good care of this set.

Again, I’m not a car guy.  If it’s a box on wheels and has a good heater, it’s pretty much okay in my book.  But Dept 56 just has such an elegant feel to it, it even makes cars attractive!  On the other hand, the featured car is a bright red Mustang, which even I’ve heard of…  :^)
Plus the whole rotating floor viewed through a glass display wall is pretty cool.  Usually when something has moving parts, Monique posts video on Youtube.  So if you’d like to see it in action, just check out the video above.