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Hudson River Inlay?  I’ve lived a sheltered life.  When we got this collection of Hudson River Inlay (Inlays?)  it was completely unfamiliar to me.  Didn’t know what inlays are.  Didn’t know what marquetry is.  Now that I’ve actually seen them, I understand why larger marquetry plaques from Hudson River are going for thousands of dollars.

These plaques are beautiful.  They have a unique sense of elegance.  According to information provided by the company, these plaques are first created as rough sketches by an artist.  Then they reduce the essence to a few well-chosen lines that capture the heart and soul of the image.  Then the simplified line drawing is used as a blueprint for the final work.  The woods are chosen for natural color and grain with an eye to the final image.  Veneers precision cut, put together and finished by hand.  Each wood image is a one-of-a-kind marquetry.

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Click to see auction

We were fortunate enough to obtain 4 smaller inlays from Hudson River.  The Seul Choix Michigan Lighthouse, the Sandy Hook NJ Lighthouse, Pelican’s Cove, and Hummingbird duet.  All are beautiful, though the lighthouses are my particular favorites.  All four are signed “Nelson”, which I have to assume would be Jeff Nelson, a designer and one of the founders of Hudson River Inlay.  Featured in many articles and books, Jeff is considered to be a leader in the modern renaissance of the Golden Age of American Crafts.

We listed all four of these without realizing the similarity in name with the horrific murders.  When Monique realized the place name only differed by state (N.J. for ours) we considered pulling the listings.  It’s a hard choice.  We needed to get them listed, after all that’s what we do.  Considered pulling just the one, but listing all four at once improves the odds of someone wanting the full set.

Our final decision was to let the listings stand.  They’re not associated in any way except for the name of the one lighthouse.  Not doing anything to draw the  wrong kind of searches (which is why I’m not repeating the name, location, or events any more than I must.  Trying to avoid any words that would lead a search engine to this post for the wrong reason.

These… what do you say?  Marquets?  Marquetries?  They’re a beautiful set.  Finding smaller ones like this is especially nice, because they’re in a price range that most eBay shoppers can afford, yet still elegant enough to enhance any room.  And from a sellers point of view, they’re small, and easily packaged for shipping.