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We recently had a chance to buy some new toys at a really good price.  Monique and I don’t usually buy new, but around Christmas, if it’s a good deal and selling well on eBay, we’ll take a chance.  Last year, we made the mistake of buying 6 Kindle Fires for resale, only to find out just before Christmas that Amazon produced many more than they originally stated they would, and made them available at many retail stores instead of only through Amazon.  Truly shot us down.  The only benefit to come from that mess was the single Kindle I kept for myself… and am still enjoying.

The year before that, we had great success buying Lego sets and reselling them.  You know the drill… “You pays your money and you takes your chances!”  My Dad always said that, and it’s still true.  Even when you do your due diligence, sometimes you make a bad call.

This year, Amazon has been offering ‘Lightning Deals’, and Monique caught a couple.  You have to move quick, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get duplicates, but if your timing is right, there’s money to be made.  We’re already on Prime (yes, we order from Amazon a lot!) so shipping is typically free and fast.

Click the pic for our eBay listing

She got a Beywheelz Beyblade Crash Course Battle Set 2 with Exclusive Wheels Stunt Arena Codes.  I’ve heard of Beyblade, but other than that, I’m totally unfamiliar with it.  No idea what all that means, but apparently it’s a popular dueling game.  And this is a pretty large set.  With any luck, we’ll do well from it.




The big item, for me at least, is Marvel Comics’ The Avengers Hero Team Chase 1:43 Scale Slot Track Racing System Carrera Go!
That’s a mouthful for a slot car racetrack with two cars.  Hopefully it’ll be worthwhile.  I like slot cars, but wouldn’t have looked twice at this set… if it weren’t for the Avengers theme it has going for it.  The set comes with a Captain America Stormer and Iron Man Racer, which is pretty appropriate considering they had some pretty ‘confrontational’ moments in the movie.

The track is 11.81 feet, done up in a figure 8 design.  When I saw it, I did my best not to touch the box.  Because when you touch something, you take ownership emotionally.  Car salesmen (real cars, I mean) use the technique.  They get you to drive the car.  Touch the steering wheel.  Run your hand on the dash, the seats, the controls.  You get emotionally attached that way.  Then you’re buying with your heart instead of your head, and spend too much money.

So anyway, Monique listed it, carried it back and forth, shot the pictures, and I kept my distance.  Until she needed the box back for some information, and I went to get it.  On the way back, it gave me the chance to hold the box.  Read the labels.  Admire the very sleek race cars.  Both are seriously cool- I wouldn’t mind racing for Cap or Shellhead, either way.

We seem to be in a win-win situation with the set.  I love comic books.  Loved the Avengers Movie.  Enjoy slot car racing. We got a great deal on it, and will hopefully make some money.  If not, I suppose Monique could gift wrap it, put my name on it, and place it under the Christmas tree!