This is the season to think of Christmas Ornaments.  Being a Buzz Lightyear fan, I’ve had my eye on a really cool Buzz Lightyear Hallmark ornament over at Publix… it’s only $6.00!!  But I’m not supposed to buy anything for myself until after Christmas.  You know how that goes…

Update:  Went grocery shopping after writing this.  Saw that Publix was down to their last 2 Buzz ornaments, and just couldn’t resist.  He’s mine now…  :^)   Going to look great hanging on our tree!

Anyway, we have a few vintage Hallmark ornaments in our Dixiebelle31 store.  Nothing like we used to do.  A few years ago, the market for ornaments was amazing.  Someone sold Monique and I a dusty old collection of 2,000 ornaments for $1.00 each.  From that moment on, we were officially into ornaments.  Hallmark specifically.  There was a great demand, and reasonable profit margin.  We started buying large collections and selling individually.  That worked really well for two or three years.  Then the market changed, and suddenly the demand drizzled away.

We still have a fair number of Hallmark collectibles, though since then we’ve sold most of our stock.  As I’m writing this, we’ve got a couple of Harley Davidson ornaments listed, and a family of Timber Wolves, that I like a lot.  To see the current list of ornaments at the Dixiebelle31 store, click here.

Over the years, we took the opportunity to build our personal collection up as well.  My favorites were always the super-heroes and the Star Trek figures.  Oh, and the light-up Millenium Falcon.  That one had an awesome sculpt, amazing paint job, and cool lighting effects.

Of my super-hero ornaments, the best is the motorized Superman, changing in a phone booth.  It’s lit from inside, and has a rotating interior. On one side, you see Clark Kent beginning to loosen his tie.  On the other, you get Superman in full uniform.

Those aren’t really my best ones, though.  My best ornaments?  My Buzz Lightyear and Indiana Jones ones!  I have several of Indy, and the sculpt on those is amazing.  Some even talk.  For Toy Story, there’s a toy box with Buzz, Woody, and friends waving from inside that I like.

But truly, my all-time favorite ornament has to be Buzz and Woody in flight… Buzz is carrying Woody.  There’s no lights, no motion, no voice…  just a good old-fashioned ornament, of Buzz and Woody from the scene in the first Toy Story, right near the end, as they’re flying over the moving truck and aiming for the car.  You know… while they’re “falling with style”.

December is most definitely a good time to buy and sell ornaments.  I know the one I want this year… To infinity and beyond!  (Now that I’ve actually got him, it’s time to convince Mom he should be the tree angel.)