(To cut to the meat, if you just want to watch the eBay Youtube video on how to use the new tool, scroll down to the video below.)

Recently eBay announced the Item Condition Notes Field, which gives sellers a consistent position near the top of the listing for condition descriptions.  In the same announcement, they also mentioned “A new, FREE tool” for combining individual listings into a single Fixed Price listing if they only vary by a simple identifier.  Such as t-shirts being available in small, medium, large, and X-large.  Or multiple colors.

The Multi Variation Merger is an app used to merge multiple listings of similar items.  In other words, if you’ve been selling a particular shoe style in several sizes, and have a separate listing for each size, this tool will combine them into a single listing.

The app only works for specific fashion categories:
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Jewelry & Watches
Health & Beauty

You can access the Merger tool from your “My eBay” page, under the Application tab.

There’s a how-to video on Youtube.  It’s publicly available, but unlisted, so you can only find it from links provided by eBay.  For convenience, here it is:

The official announcement gave higher priority to the new “Item Condition” field, and the Multi Variation Merger tool only got a small notice further down the page.  Granted, it’s a very narrow tool with usefulness to a limited range of sellers.  On the other hand, if you find yourself in that range of sellers, it could save a large amount of time rearranging your listings.

To learn more, eBay has a FAQ page for it here:  Multi Variation Merger FAQ

I had originally planned to include the MVM tool with the last update, when I mentioned the item condition field.  But after looking into both updates, they each seemed deserving of individual attention.  In the case of the condition field, that one is immensely useful.  It would have been immediately useful when I first started eBaying 13 years ago.  Now, buyers want to scan the page quickly and make their decision.  It’s even more important that condition be in a consistent and eye-catching location on the screen.

While the MVM tool isn’t as universally useful, there’s going to be a certain specific niche of sellers who will find it a lifesaver.  Wish I could say it would be useful to a broader group of people, but not all sellers list in the required categories.  But for what it is, if you’re in that select group of sellers, you should find it a huge time-saver!